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 Forum rules!

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PostSubject: Forum rules!   Wed Oct 03, 2007 8:56 pm

Hi all
We want to create a living breathing collection of players from all corners of the world who share a common interest that unites them all – the games they play. If you are going to post at DCgameCentar-enjoy there are some rules that need to be followed:

1. Watch your language. People of all ages play this game and frequent forums like this and their enjoyment is not to be ruined by your behaviour. If you’re not sure ask yourself how a reader would be if their parent was looking over their shoulder as they read your post.

2. In a similar vein, you are not allowed to post pornographic images or material of any sort or post links to such material. As a guide if you can see parts of the body that are not regarded as "acceptable" then the picture is inappropriate (this includes see-through clothing pictures). If in doubt apply the same test as described in rule 1.

3. The language of these forums is English & Serbian. While we respect the diversity of languages in the world we need to ensure that posts are readable by all who visit the forums. If you can't speak English than you shouldn't sign up at these forums and please don’t post in any other language. You can nevertheless try to read the threads and of course download the games.

4. No spamming. Your post-count is not an indication of your skill at playing your game or your worth as a person so don't inflate it by making mindless posts. Spam is taken to include short replies that add no value to the topic's subject matter. Spam posts can, and will, be deleted by the staff. Off-topic conversations are permitted so long as they don’t overly interfere with other users trying to contribute to a thread and comply with the other site rules.

5. No flaming, personal attacks or private arguments. Naturally people have a right to express their opinions as long as that isn't done in a way that offends/insults other users. Complaints about aspects of the game you play are not regarded as flaming (remember the bit about sharing your frustrations) but please ensure that you use appropriate language and do not make personal attacks in your posts.

6. We are committed to helping to eliminate cheating from the games that you enjoy but accusations of cheating are not allowed to be posted on the site.

7. Use the personal messaging system when it's appropriate. If you have something you'd like a staff member to do, or you want to communicate with a friend, use a personal message rather than a post. Please be aware that ALL personal messages are logged and can be viewed by administrators - conduct that breaks the rules of this site is not permitted.

8. Keep your signatures to a manageable size. Although users have the option to turn off the display of signatures we want to keep the bandwidth of this site manageable. Signature pictures are to be kept to no more than 150x150px maximum and less than 20kb in size. You are allowed a maximum of 3 lines of small text below your signature image. Signatures may not be hosted on this site by posting them as attachments and if necessary linking to images from this site can be blocked. You are allowed to display a maximum of one "rating" tag in addition to your normal signature image. Signatures are not to contain images or text promoting another game site.

10. Please post your topics in the correct forums. Nobody wants to read a post on your clan in a forum discussing balance issues. Off-topic posts are irritating and encourage spam/flaming so before you post something - think. Staff will move the topics posted in the wrong section.

11. Respect the request of the site staff. Abusing them or ignoring their request can lead to your account being suspended. If you have a problem with moderation please take it up by personal message to a staff member or Admin - do not complain by posting in the forums.

12. Do not make another account to post on when your original account has been suspended. Trying to get around a suspension in this way will get the new account permanently banned from the site and your own account another warning – if you do the crime take the punishment. In the same vein you are not permitted to share access to your account with a banned/suspended member.

13. Do not make posts promoting another game site or events on those sites. Admins are able to add links to sites to the Community->Fan Sites page and will do so if you request it. If you wish to promote a particular event please send a message to one of the admin staff.

14. Enjoy! Cool

These rules will be updated as required.

If you have any suggested changes or questions please send me a personal message.

Thanks & cheers! cheers


Rock n Roll
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Forum rules!
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