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 I know you dont like books but...

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PostSubject: I know you dont like books but...   Fri Oct 12, 2007 1:06 am

Well I found these books more entertaining than most DoW games i usually break my keyboard on...

The writers name is Sven Hassel hes a German soldier who fought in WW2 and decided to tell a story about it (and make some money). The book is packed with action, especially written for the joung generation and has some really scray stories.

Definietly worth a to take a look while youre scouting the library in search of chicks...
My best is ˝Legion of the Damned˝ but I havent found 1 I didnt like...

Anyway Im always here to fill out hulks failiure topics like these...

Come on hulk, we are the new generation, we dont read books...
We make movies so that we dont need to read books... lol!
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I know you dont like books but...
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